Court Reporters

Court reporters, highly-skilled professionals uniquely qualified to provide verbatim documentation of legal proceedings, are vital to our judicial system.

 Reporting, scoping, transcribing, editing, proofreading -- you want your work to be the best it can be.  But transcript production takes time.   A second set of eyes, reading for context and consistency, catching those inverted and missing words, misheard or mispronounced words, homophones, double words -- reading each and every word --  can provide that extra assurance that your work will be consistently accurate, exactly as you intend it to be.  Punctuation matters.  Understanding and comprehension -- readability -- are dependent upon punctuation to clarify  meaning and tone so that the transcript remains an accurate representation of the official record.  A well-trained proofreader is a valuable resource when it comes to putting the spoken word on paper.    

Your preferences are important to me.  I strive to be flexible and turnaround your transcripts in a timely manner.   Communication is easy and open.  I welcome your feedback and suggestions so that we can create an mutually satisfying working relationship.